[Closed] Viki App keeps crashing on Apple TV

Just as the title says, Viki app keeps crashing and often. It would crash 1-2 times every hour on average but has crashed as often as 4 times within an hour. This started recently within the last week. Also everytime it crashes and I go back to what I was watching, it will start from the beginning of that episode no matter where I watched last up to before it crashed. I’m not sure if you guys came out with a new update for the Apple TV or something but this only happened recently and makes it really frustrating to keep getting kicked out and then having to manually find where you last left off. Please figure this out and fix it. I’ve already done troubleshooting like force close the app, force closing then restarting the device after leaving it powered off, and even uninstalling and installing it again but nothing works. I also checked and my Apple TV is automatically updated and on the newest software and same with the Viki app. This is also the only app that crashes and I don’t have any other issues with any of the other streaming apps on my Apple TV.


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    Hi cnguyen0923_13,

    Thanks for writing to Viki Community Support regarding your issue on Apple TV. 

    We will be reaching out to you privately via a ticket on the Help Center shortly so we can gather more information about this issue.

    Please help to respond there too as this post will be closed to prevent multiple requests confusion.

    Thank you,

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