[Closed] Request for German Mod not read waiting 16 days - For Subathon 3/15

Hello Viki Support

16 days ago I filed a ticket requesting for German Mod position.

10 days ago I wrote here about it to look up my ticket, I was told here Viki will take care of it soon. I want to participate in the Spring subathon and need a project to participate. I'm not new and to add me doesn't take 2 Minutes. The former CM and German mod aren't active for a while, that's why I have to request it here.
Subathon starting March 15, I'm begging you to read my ticket and add me.
Much appreciated truly, warm regards, Simi



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    Hi simi11,

    Thanks for reaching out to Viki Community Support.

    We apologize for the delay in addressing your concern. We've seen your ticket on the Help Center and it will be attended to immediately.

    We’ll be closing this to prevent confusion of multiple requests. Have a great day!


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