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I can't delete my account. I try many time but I can't what should I do ?



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    Hello yildirimssule_60,

    We noticed that you have requested to delete your Viki account. Thank you for contacting us and don't worry we're here to help you delete it.

    A new account self-deletion function is now available on

    To delete your personal information or Viki account, please follow the steps indicated below:

    1. Login to the account you wish to delete on

    2. Visit the Subscription & Settings page.

    3. If you’re a Viki Pass subscriber, make sure that your subscription has been canceled. You can learn how to cancel your subscription here.

    4. Scroll down to Privacy, where you will find the Delete Account section

    5. Click on Delete Account.

    6. A message will appear asking to confirm your account deletion request.

    7. If you wish to proceed, please follow the instructions and type in the word provided to confirm your account deletion.

    8. Once your account has been successfully deleted, you will see a confirmation page indicating that your account has been scheduled to be deleted. You will receive an email confirmation once the process has been completed.

    For more information on how to delete your account, please visit our FAQ here.

    If you face any issues while trying to delete your account, please let us know.

    John Rey
    Viki Community Member

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