Missing Country Label

The country label on the Viki page has recently changed to "Standard Free Episodes" or "Plus".
How can I get it to say "Korea", "Japan", or "Taiwan" again?
Right now, I have to click on it to see the country of origin.



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    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in to us.

    Could you clarify which page you are referring to? If it's the Viki homepage, do note that the rows will change from time to time. 

    However, you will still be able to filter by regions on the Explore page or on the Search page of your Viki app.


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  • It is on my TV with my Roku device.

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  • Hi reihua_ouyang_766,

    Thanks for clarifying! 

    The country label under show thumbnails has been removed on the new Roku Viki Channel homepage design. 

    To find specific country titles, you may click on the top navigation bar on the homepage to sort accordingly.


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