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Dear Viki,

I am having trouble reading the subtitles on AppleTV for the Chinese drama My Heroic Husband. There is white Chinese subtitles behind the English subtitles and this makes very hard to read the English subtitles. Even though there is a grey background that partial blocks the white Chinese subtitles, it is not dark enough to prevent it from interfering with reading the English subtitles. Are you able to fix the problem?

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    Hello Stephen,


    Several Chinese shows have hard subs, which means that the Chinese subtitles are embedded in the video itself and cannot be removed.

    We automatically add a black background behind translated subtitles to make it easier to watch for such videos.

    You can also alter the background and subtitle colours to make them more legible.

    You can try adjusting the subtitle style on Apple TV itself by checking the steps here.

    Hope this helps! 🙂


    Thank you,


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