I can't download Viki or watch on Chrome/Safari on my IOS 14.4 version.

It says the compatibility requires IOS 12.0 or later. Can you please update your system? This is so annoying. It's been months. I'd just like to cancel my subscription if this continues.



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    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in to us. 

    As mobile browsing might not provide the best viewing experience on Viki, we suggest downloading the Viki app directly from the AppStore instead.

    If you are facing issues downloading it on iOS 12.0 and above, please restart your device first before trying again. Additionally, please note that jailbroken/rooted device might encounter problems downloading the app which we do not provide support for.

    Hope this helps! If you are still not able to download the app, please share with us:

    • Confirmation that your device has not been rooted/jailbroken
    • A screenshot of your device settings page (General > About) that shows the model and software version.
    • A screenshot of the Viki app page on the Appstore that shows the error message when trying to download


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