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Hi! I'm a little confused, so I just wanted to clarify on the Viki Pass. With shows (such as "True Beauty) that are part of the Standard Viki Pass, does each episode become released as "free" eventually  or do I HAVE to buy the Pass to view the rest of the show? What I mean is that will I ever be able to view the rest of the show without paying for it? 

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    Thanks for writing in.

    Some Viki Pass exclusive titles will be made available to everyone at a later date. The date differs based on their licensing terms. 

    For “True Beauty”, the newer episodes are available for Viki Pass subscribers only. You can watch right away when you subscribe to Viki Pass. 

    You can check if and when you'll be able to watch the show without Viki Pass​​ on the list of episodes page on your mobile app:

    If you do not see a time range stated, it means that either the show would not be available to everyone that quickly or it is only licensed for Viki Pass access.

    We hope this answers your question. 


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