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1. My iPhone 12 pro Max is not able to sync with firestick to download paid for viki pass 2. My screen constantly freezes. I've rebooted my cable box and have taken out and put back in the firestick device


  • Hi there,

    We're sorry to hear you were experiencing issues with your Fire TV app, however it seems that you are able to log in with your account now. 

    If you would like to subscribe to a Viki Pass subscription, please do so via our website at Once you have your subscription linked to your account, you may log into this same account on your Fire TV app to access it.

    If it's other issues you are facing, please let us know more details (attaching a screenshot/photo of the issue would be very helpful too!).

    Thank you,

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  • i figure how to adjust firestick subtitles go to setting, display & sound, display and then Calibrate Display and fellow instruction.

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