Viki no longer compatible with iPad 4th Generation

I can’t play VIKI on my ipad 4th generation anymore. I have message stating “The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.viki.viki.vkaiclient error 403)


  • This issue started on new version update created on Jan 4, 2021. 6.16.0 version.

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  • Don’t tel me I need to buy a new iPad just to get Viki apps.

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  • Hi there,

    Thank you for writing to Viki Community Support. 

    Please note that we have ended support for Viki app versions below on iOS. To use the app, please update your device to iOS 12 and above first before updating your Viki app to the latest version 6.16. 

    For more information, please visit our FAQ: 

    If you're unable to update your device to iOS 12.0 and above, it means that your device is incompatible with the new OS and thus will not be able to install the latest version of Viki.

    You can continue watching Viki from other compatible devices and from our website. You can see all of our supported apps here:

    Thank you,

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  • can't use app on my iPad. opened chrome browser, opened ViKi logged in, hit play on a show I've been watching and nothing. Page image says get Free IOS App. So playing ViKi is not possible from my iPad. Not buying anymore Apple products. They make their stuff obsolete, not to make them better, just to make them useless. 


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