[Solved] Guidelines about spoilers - a clarification needed

I visit the Help section once in a while, and I'm happy to see that you have started populating it with new articles. Then I'd like to contribute by pointing out something that I found a bit lacking. 

It's about spoilers. In the Viki Community Guidelines and in the Viki Comment Policy it is written that spoilers are not allowed in any place on this website unless there is a warning. 

But the common practice here, that we all adhere to, is that we don't post spoilers on a drama's main page, visited by would-be viewers, but we do post discussions and comments on an episode we just watched on the episode's page. 

Now, it all depends on how you define a spoiler.  Usually we say that a spoiler is some info that others have no knowledge of because they haven't yet watched the next episodes, while you have.

If this is the definition, then one could comfortably discuss the current episode on the episode's page (without the need for warnings, because that's what the comment section is for!), but not something pertaining to the next episodes. 

Some people, though, have the habit of reading comments on the episode's page, before watching the current episode. Thus, for them, this constitutes a spoiler. But it's not our fault if the person has gone to read the comments before watching. The episode's page is there for us to exchange opinions and thoughts and analyze the characters' actions on the episodes so far, including the current one. There's nowhere else we can do that on the website (except creating a dedicated topic in Discussions, which is a bother), and it's one of the main attractions of Viki.

I believe that in the guidelines, instead of just saying "no spoilers anywhere", you should clarify that comments n the episode's own page if they are about what happened in the drama so far, up to the speciic episode included, do not constitute spoilers. But, if the next episodes have already been aired and you have watched them, of course you should not discuss something  which happens in those future ones which other people haven't watched yet. 

 Also, maybe it is worth adding, as a note, that guessing what may happen in the future if you haven't yet watched the episode does not constitute a spoiler. There are some ridiculous people who cry "Spoiler, spoiler!" although the drama is on-air and none of us has seen the next episodes (and the writer is not our cousin), we are only guessing what might happen. 

It could be worded like this:

Be particularly careful of spoilers in reviews and in comments on the drama's main page.
On the specific episode pages, you may discuss the drama up to the current episode, but not what happens in the next episodes.
Note: Guessing what may happen in the future if the episode hasn't even been released yet does not constitute a spoiler. 







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    Hey irmar,

    Sorry I forgot to respond to this!

    But thank you for these great suggestions. We've updated the Viki Comment Policy to include these suggestions of yours.


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  • Oh, I'm so happy. Now it's perfectly clear, I believe. 

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