[Solved] Viki App on Roku

This just started happening: the Viki app on our Roku is not working. We tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, logging out/logging back in on the app, and restarting the Roku. NONE of these help. The episode (on ANY drama) loads and begins for a few seconds, but then kicks back to the Viki home page. We recently upgraded to Viki Pass Plus. WE SHOULD BE RECEIVING BETTER SERVICE, NOT WORSE. Will Viki be crediting all of us for this prolonged service interruption? This is bad. We were right in the middle of several currently airing dramas, over our limited holiday vacation from our jobs. 



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    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the frustrating experience with loading videos on the Roku app earlier.

    We've just released a fix for the issue and videos should now be able to load again.

    Please restart the Viki app and try playing the videos.

    If you're still experiencing problems, do let me know!


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  • I have exactly the same problem. And I also upgraded to Viki Pass Plus recently.

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  • The fix works! Thanks.


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