Viki Plugin Installation Link Disappeared!

Miss_Z23 -

This article has been posted in another section of the Help Center. I am going to re-post this article in the 'Feedback for Viki' section. 

My problem is similar to hers/his. When I went to upload episodes for Devil Beside You, I used Tudou for my videos. When I clicked 'Upload Video'. The video said ' This video cannot be played without the Viki Desktop Plugin. So I clicked the link to download the plugin and it lead me to the exact link with the adobe download. But when I clicked that, it said

Your Google Chrome browser already includes Adobe® Flash® Player built-in. Google Chrome will automatically update when new versions of Flash Player are available. 

P.S: The original article author is 'lucka' -this is her/his original article on this topic. 

Please fix this! Also please fix Lucka's problem. For I find that our problems are a lot alike. 

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