Why can't I watch the video ?

I can't watch the video at all . I wait it for more than 2 hours and still loading . What can I do ? Huhu so frustrated .. :(


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Sorry but I need a little bit more information... There could be many possibilities as to why you can't watch videos. For example, your region, bad connection, devices your using to watch, what show, etc. If this problem is still occurring now, I suggest you contact the Viki Staff by submitting a request (2nd button: Home . Submit a request. Check your existing requests).** Be sure to include:**

-your region (country).

-what device your trying to watch with (if necessary tell them what browser you use, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc.)

-What show were you trying to watch.

-When did this start and is it still limiting you from watching any show on Viki today.

-If possible, show a screenshot on when it started, (for example; take a screenshot of when you start to watch a video, and if it still doesn't show for more than 30 minutes, take another screenshot, to show that after 30 (+) minutes, it still didn't move.

I hope this helped! 


I'm having the same problem I'll start watching the video and it will stop and start again or just stop in general and then sometimes it won't start back up again or it won't load at all after the commercial.

Region: U.S.

Devise: Laptop (apple) browser: Safari

Shows: the prior show was Personal Taste but at the moment Answer me 1997 (reply 1997)

When it started: about 2-3 weeks ago I would get irritated and just watch them on Drama Crazy when they kept stopping and starting or just wouldn't load at all; I'm still watching on Drama Crazy but I've tried on Viki today and its still doing the same thing I can't get through the whole video and then a commercial will pop up, then it will go to the next episode.

Screen shots:

The title screen shot was taken because thats were it froze and then a commercial came on and the show changed; the last one show them at their class reunion talking about getting surgery its currently stuck there.


Hello raidonce. 

Try a different browser like Google Chrome. I don't know why, but commercials don't appear in Viki anymore. Well for me, I watched Reply 1997 also, and no commercials were shown. I don't know the cause of this, however I'll inform the staff now. I'm sorry I couldn't be much of help. But try to watch on a different browser. Is this happening to just Reply 1997 or all dramas you can watch on Viki? 


Hi everyone, 

Thanks, Miss_Z23 for jumping in and helping out!

@Raidonce, thanks for the detailed info and screen shots. Your issue is most likely related to streaming issues we've been experiencing. Our CDN provider is having problems on their end, and that is the root cause of the problems. We're working with them to resolve this right now. While we have had a few reports from other regions, this issue is mostly affecting viewers in the US at the moment. I see we do have your email on file, so I'll send you a note from the Help Center when the issue is resolved.

@Hyinez13, are you still experiencing issues? If so, be sure to send us a note:, and we'd be happy to troubleshoot this with you 1:1. 


Hello Viki

Thanks for letting us know that it is a problem with the CDN provider. My problem is that the video stops then goes to the next episode. I am in the US region and use internet explorer as our browser. It happens to any video. By any chance have they mentioned any time frame that they may have it fixed?


Hi there  jpmc91, the issue with the episodes skipping around sounds like yet another issue. I will do some testing here on my end, and also reach out to you via e-mail. Is the e-mail address associated with your account the best one? If there's another one you'd prefer I use, send me a note: Michael.


Hi, I'm having the same problem I'll start watching the video and it will stop and start again. I don't have any problem before.

Region: Canada

I use Internet Explorer and Mozilla